Kensuke Nishimura

KENSUKE Nishimura

🌍 Expert in energy systems in Japan, English and German-speaking countries
🎓 Bachelor of Economics in Japan, Master of Environmental Studies in Germany
🔍 Electricity, heat and mobility policies and markets, digitalisation, regional development, local infrastructure business, distributed small renewable energy systems, sector coupling, virtual power plants, city corporations (Stadtwerke)

He was born in Japan and has lived in Germany for over 15 years.

He works as a consultant in the energy industry, providing research and language services to clients mainly, but not exclusively, based in Japan and Germany.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Economics in Japan in 2005, he came to Germany in 2005 to study Political Science.

In 2011, while writing his dissertation at the Free University of Berlin, the great earthquake hit the eastern part of Japan, which changed his mind to work on the energy transition in Japan.

For him, the energy transition means the revolution of the energy system towards a more efficient, digitalised and renewable energy system.

He worked for a small consultancy in Berlin for 5 years before becoming independent.

He has been working as a freelancer since 2017 and has been involved in many research projects, where he has been the project manager.

His research interests focus on the better use of distributed, small-scale, renewable energy sources. He mainly deals with the topics of sector coupling, virtual power plants, blockchain and municipal utilities.

In recent years, he has been working with some Japanese “new utilities” and their network, providing knowledge on energy business in Europe.

He also works with think tanks, government agencies and municipalities.

Main activities
Energy: Advising energy companies on business development and lobbying.

Manufacturers: Business consulting for strategy development, smooth entry into foreign markets.

Administration: Supporting the development and revision of energy policies, in particular policies promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

He also writes in some news and academic media about energy issues.

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